I’m just back from the retreat Heal my Heart in Bali.

I feel first of all grateful, I feel content and awakened, I feel rich in impressions and full of inspiration for spiritual development and what is most important for me – self LOVE. And that’s just the beginning.

It’s not an easy task to put words on my experience, for it is not something to understand with a restless brain. It is something that one can feel with her own heart and it is my conviction that it is the only thing our heart is longing for.

My brain was totally puzzled throughout all our stay trying to figure out logic and explanations. My brain remained unable to comprehend.

Thank God, I felt what was meant for me to feel – with my heart and my body. And I can only recommend this heart treat to YOU!

As for meeting Wakuha and Jro Ayu, that’s a one-of-a-kind experience. I shall keep carrying them and my memories of them in a nice, fine and light place in my heart. Thank you, BOTH of you.

And thank you, Vera, for all your work and efforts. It was WORTH it – the whole of it!!

Ekaterina Savova