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Experience a 7-day healing program in an exclusive retreat for women. Take an inner journey to purify your heart, release your blockages, restore your energy and let go of what holds you from living fully your life in joy and bliss. The program mainly consists of powerful and transformative sessions led by Wakuha & Jro Ayu.

A spa day, a rice field walk are added to the program and organic menu is provided for your total rejuvenation.

Below is the detail information of the program. If you may have any further questions, please, don’t hesitate to contact me. I will be delighted to support you.

20th of august

Day 1

Arrival Day
Airport Pick up
Time to connect with yourself and tune into the vibes of the Island of Gods

21st of august

Day 2

Opening Ceremony
Energetic Flow Cleansing
Intuitive Reading & Spiritual Counseling
Tibetan Bowls


Opening Ceremony

Opening ceremony to open and invoke the space as a sacred portal for the work throughout the retreat. Working both in collective and individual energy, you will receive blessings to start your journey of the heart and to complete it in such love, beauty and bliss.

Energetic Flow Cleansing

Working on each of you in a group session to open your heart, release the blockage of your energetic flow and to transform the negative energy within to positivity.

Intuitive Reading & Counseling

A private session to help you to identify your main challenge that has been preventing you to move forward or to reach a higher level from where you are right now. Working together with you to be aware of the root causes for a deeper resolution.

Tibetan Bowls

A Sacred Meditation channeled through the celestial sound of Tibetan Bowls. In such awareness with silent and stillness, allowing your body and mind to be relaxed to observe, to receive, to release and to experience “as is” in its most natural way.

22nd of august

Day 3

Meditation & Teachings
Intention, questions, meditation, talks & spiritual teachings
Healing Meditation & activation of the divine heart


Meditation & Teachings

The Core of Meditation & Spirituality

Learning the core practices of meditation and how it helps you to accelerate your spiritual growth in its most natural and beautiful way. While sharpening your meditation practices, you are guided to understand deeper the fundamental of what spirituality really is, which all leads to stillness, inner peace and true liberation.

Sacred Geometry Activation of the Divine Heart

Activations of acceleration will release the core wounds, recurring programs, patterns and behaviours of limitation and suffering that hold you from living a fuller, more fulfilling life – and as the distortions of suffering and sadness shift and release, the wondrous new energies are able to be received to raise your frequency to its greatest capacity through every dimension of your being – heart, body, soul, emotions, mind, will, and embodiment of form.

23rd of august

Day 4

Sacred Spiritual Tour with Wakuha & Jro Ayu


The Asram: Blessings & Gifts

Honoring the power and the presence of the Gods of the island at Jro Ayu’s Pasraman Agung sacred portal, you are asking permission to be on the island, to receive and to give back of what you can offer. Opening yourself to receive what you are meant to receive as you flow freely to embrace your blessings & gifts.

The Ocean: Purification

In the alignment with Balinese belief, you will experience the power of the ocean water to neutralize and heal your emotional chaos in any forms.

24th of august

Day 5 | Spa & Relax Day

Morning walk at Campuhan Ridge, a green path through the nature of Bali.
Spa & Massage. Your time of heart pampering and relaxation in the best SPA in Bali.
Free time for a walk in Ubud
Dinner at the Villa

25th of august

Day 6 | Closing Day

Final Questions
Closure Meditation & Talks
Final Integration & Blessings

Closing Session

Sacred Closure

Coming to the end of retreat, may you find a sacred closure with yourself, feeling the re-birth of your soul for the new life to come. This final session includes meditation, integration and sacred blessings.

26th of august

Day 7

Departure Day


Amazing Villa

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