Heal My Heart in Bali

Embracing your true heart calling for true happiness, freedom and purpose

I’m Vera Tinkova. From my own experience, I’ve learned that the heart is the one we can trust. The heart connects us to our spirit and leads us to what is really meant for us. There are moments in life when we feel out of inspiration or miss the joy of life. Most of the times this is only a reminder to discover deeper who we are and listen more to our true heart calling. By living in harmony with our hearts we flow with life in beauty accepting and experiencing all that is.

If you’ve ever followed the pull of your heart and been rewarded with more joy than you thought was possible, already you’ve experienced some of the excitements of the awakened heart.


Transformational Journey

A journey of finding and feeling my truth, heart, and path which as every woman I am meant to live in love, purity, and freedom.

Asking deeply to myself what we all want and need, now I feel it is freedom – freedom from our own limitations which have been preventing us to live fully the abundance of this life… and our hearts full of love and in purity to experience all that comes as it is – in bliss.

This is what Heal my Heart in Bali is about – a journey to reconnect us deeply to our hearts and embrace what brings us true happiness, freedom, and purpose.

Join me for such 7 days of a journey

where you will live much more opportunities to purify you heart attuning to the frequency of flow that pervades “The Island of Gods”and live fully and abundantly your life.


Wakuha & Jro Ayu

Wakuha, a Spiritual Guide together with Jro Ayu, a Balinese Holy Channel are sharing their multi-dimensional presence, channeling sacred energy and transferring a higher wisdom to guide you on your personal healing journey. You will experience a deep integrated transformation that will allow you to continue living and walking your path with an open heart in love, trust and beauty.

Join me in Bali

and discover

how an open and joyful heart will not only be the guidance on your path but also be the source of love, vitality, abundance – accepting your truth in wholeness, living your true-self, shining your light.


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